07 September 2010

A Classy Crocheted Hat...

When I saw this pattern for a hat, I knew I had to make it.  It is classy looking and slightly sophisticated in appearance.  I dug in my yarn stash and came up with the following yarn in lime green:
The yarn is medium weight (4) and that is comparable to the yarn required by the pattern.  Despite the fact that I crochet loosely, the yarn has a minimal amount of give and results in a snug fit.  So, this hat is going to a tween as a Christmas present.   I won't keep you waiting any longer; here's the picture of my completed project:

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  1. Thats too bad the hat is too small for you after you made it, I do like it though that looks very nice and the color is pretty also, maybe you can make you one that you can enjoy also :o) Hope you have a good day!


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