18 September 2010

Finished Batch of Laundry Soap!

Here are a couple pictures of the finished batch of laundry soap.  Check out how much you'll end up with if you make it.  I used a regular Rubbermaid container because it looked and felt more heavy duty than the other brands.  Here's a hint--with this large quantity of ingredients to mix, I ended up using my hands instead of a big spoon.  Some of y'all might want to wear gloves when doing the mixing.  I didn't because I already have old lady hands--lol!  The container I mixed in was the perfect size because of the extra room in it for mixing action.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. That is alot of laundry soap LOL When I make mine I just grate one bar of the soap and then add in my cup of borax and washing soda...when it is almost gone I just make me another batch. I have my borax in one container and my washing soda in a different container and then I just scoop out what I need and I just have a sealed smaller container for the finished soap with everything mixed together, I love it!

  2. It's amazing how clean the clothes come out with just a little bit of soap in the wash.

  3. I Love making my own soap, This last time I made liquid


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