18 September 2010

Crochet Project for Chihuahua Kids Complete!

My 2 chihuahuas love to sleep with us; unfortunately they have a hard time getting in bed with us because our bed sits up higher than the norm.  DH made a set of stairs for them to climb on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed then they can hop in bed off of it.  I've been concerned that their nails might scratch the cedar chest's surface so I crocheted a rug to sit on the top of it.  To keep the rug from sliding (with them on it) I put down some of that non-skid shelf liner you can get rolls of at Dollar Tree for, get ready, a dollar!  It works pretty good too. Here's the pictures.  I really need to put some sort of finish on their stairs.  Here's the pics!

Here's the finished project.

Here's the non-skid shelf liner I used

Here's the stairs dh made from scrap wood (I really do need to paint them or something!)

Hope your weekend is going GREAT!  Hugs to all...

ps. I used 3 strands of ww yarn, N hook and did sc in the back looks for a ribbed look.


  1. Wow those are cute little stairs he made I love those and I love the idea of the rug you made to keep their nails from scratching the hope chest. That hope chest looks pretty too :o) Hope your having a good weekend!

  2. Thanks Lynn! I really do need to figure out how I want to finish the stairs and just do it.


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