16 August 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

Today's pattern is for one version of the classic ripple afghan.  Easy to make and always appreciated.  Hope you enjoy.  I've made a few of this style, the first was a baby one before my first son was born almost 32 years ago.  I had saved it but my ex husband wouldn't let me have it because he kept it to use for the daughter he and his second wife had!  Hugs...


  1. That is pretty and I hope to make one of those one day. So sorry about your ex not letting you have yours.

  2. Thanks Lynn. It's been a long time now and if I'm ever blessed with grandchildren I'll just have to make a new one. The old one was in pastel green, yellow and a varigated yarn with both those colors. In the "old days" we didn't get to know what gender our babies were going to be :).


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