09 August 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

Here is a versatile pattern that has adjustments to make an afghan, baby blanket or lapghan.  The simplicity of the design is very appealing.  The pattern sounds like a piece of cake to make too.  Is this on my to-do list you may be asking?  Just about everything I see is on that list lol!  What I make is the result of what I feel like making at that instant and what I have enough yarn on hand for.  Enjoy this one folks!

Search Amazon.com for afghan patterns


  1. That is nice, and I know what you mean about everything being on the to do list LOL You should see a binder I have of printed out patterns it drives my hubby nuts especially that I still print some out even after buying those books I got LOL Hope you are having a good week :o)

  2. Your hubby must be related to mine! He goes crazy about the yarn and other crochet paraphernalia around the house. Guess men just don't understand :)!

  3. I've used that same stitch for a boatload of stuff. It's my favorite for dishcloths, and I've bath rugs, afghans and baby blankets from it too. Oh, and scarves. Yep, very versatile.

    Thought I made it up, LOL.

  4. It is very pretty. I bet dishclothes would be very nice out of this stitch. Hmmm, maybe that will be my next project lol!


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