19 April 2010

Thunder Over Louisville

This time of the year, an enormous fire works display and air show called Thunder Over Louisville, takes place in Louisville, KY. It kicks off the Kentucky Derby Festival. One of these years I may actually see it in person.  Also, one of these years I may actually go see the Derby too although I'll have to win the lottery to afford decent tickets.  For my friends and readers who, like me, didn't make it there this year, here is a video of a previous display.  We really missed something spectacular!

To better hear this video you may mute the blogs music player that is located in the column on your right.

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  1. That would be fun to go see and I sure hope you get to make it to see it one day also Sharon, hugs!

  2. Thanks Lynn. One of these years I'll get dh motivated enough to go with me. :)


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