20 April 2010

Squares Made for a Crochet Throw

Tonight, I finished the last of the squares for a throw I'm making.  Now I need to sew them all together and then weave in the ends.  I wove in the ends of the squares as I finished them (except for 1 square that got away from me) so there won't be nearly as many ends to weave in.  Although, there will be a lot just from sewing the squares together.  Anyway I made basic granny squares, sometimes smaller ones crocheted together so this isn't a complicated job.  I mentioned before that this was a relatively inexpensive ghan to make.  The burgundy color was a mills end and the grays are from a buy at a Goodwill Store for 50 cents per skein.  A couple squares have centers made from left-over dark reddish color from a previous project.  Here are the squares...

I'm lucky I don't have overnight company expected because these squares have taken over the guest room and bed!  Take care everyone...

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  1. I absolutely love it I cant wait to see the finished product I just know it is going to be awesome!

    ps, I like my crocheted dish towel, it seems to absorb well when I wipe my hands on it.

    Hope you are having a good week!!

  2. Thanks Lynn! Now I have to get motivated to sew them together. Maybe this weekend. I want to try a dishtowel. I bet they're really absorbent.


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