18 April 2010

The Chis Looking Out...

DH and one of our sons cut little windows in the privacy fence when they built it.  Here are a few pictures.  Do any of you remember the show Bewitched?  I have nicknamed the chis and my husband the "Kravitz family" after the busybody neighbor on the show.
Inside the fence look at chis' window

Outside look at their window

Nellie Belle and Opi looking out at me

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  1. LOL that is so funny and yes I remember the Kravitz I loved that show, those lil chis are just too dang cute!!

  2. Thanks Lynn! I don't know what I'd do without the little ones. They're really getting feisty now that the weather is warming up. They're spending a lot of time frolicking and wrestling in the backyard now that we're spending more time outside.


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