06 February 2010

Made Another Potholder

I made another potholder last night while dh and I were kickin' back watching some television.  The pattern I used is the same one I used in yesterday's post.  I think 2 good potholders should be enough for now.  Last night I dumped the rest of my store-bought ones in the garbage can.  They were in sad, sad shape.  I currently have 2 projects I'm alternating between, a scarf and another doily for my uncle.  Concentration has been off for more than a week because of this bug I can't seem to shake.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by and visiting...


  1. Oh I really love that one Sharon very pretty colors, after reading your post I thought that maybe if I make some pretty ones too that would make great gifts as well, you have a good day, I have to work, blah :o)

  2. Thank you Lynn. I used 2 strands of red and one strand of multicolored (variegated/ombre?) from WalMart. I was pretty happy to trash my old ones. :)


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