15 February 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

Today's link to a free pattern is for a cuddly costume for your k9 fur baby. It can be worn in cooler weather just like any other dog sweater imho. It is from crochet kitten.    Here's the pattern.  Enjoy y'all!


  1. That's cute! My pup is a typical Jack Russell Terrier that thinks he's 10 ft tall and bulletproof, so a bear costume would be just the thing for him.

    He loves it outside but I worry about him with the short coat. His 'big sister' Molly has a bit of St Bernard in her so she'd stay out there all day if I'd let her.

  2. I worry about my "kids" in the cold weather too. My big old gal, a miniature schnauzer/Australian shepherd mix loves it outside but she's old and gets confused sometimes about where she is. My little girl chi loves to jump around in the snow and she even went out the doggie door the other day when she was still wet from her bath! My little boy chi, well, it's hard to get him out of bed on cold days lol! They're really spoiled--worse than my human kids ever were... I need to remember to make an entry on your blog Wednesday. I'm making a humongous scrap afghan. I'll try to remember... Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thanks for sharing but my doggy is too big for doggy clothes lol, if you make any for yours I would love to see them model it lol have a good day


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