13 January 2010

13 January 1922 Conference of Cannes Ends

on 13 January1922:  Conference of Cannes concerning German retribution payments ended.  Germany had been having a difficult time paying reparations established by the Treaty of Versailles (related to their actions in World War I).  This conference eased the requirements for repayment of this debt but it was still more than the Germans could realistically afford. Originally, Germany was required to formally admit guilt, relinquish lands, reduce military to only 100,000 and pay monetary reparations.  "The final sum amounted to 132 billion gold marks; the schedule of payments drawn up in 1921 would have burdened the German economy until 1988." (Richard Overy, The Road to War Revised and Updated Edition, (London, Penguin, 1999), 28).  Germany's economy entered crisis mode and after the Conference of Cannes, a more realistic system of payments was instituted.  The system of payments continued to cause hardships to the German economy and individuals and ultimately helped to set the stage to put Hitler in power and the start of World War II.

Here's a newspaper article concerning this conference:

German Delegates Start for Cannes

For more information:
Resolutions adopted by the Supreme Council at Cannes, January, 1922 
Conference of Cannes 


  1. I really feel so bad for all of those people, just reading the name hitler reminds me of a movie I watched titled "Boy in the striped pajamas" such a sad movie but very touching at the same time, if you ever watch it you will see why I thought of it seeing hitlers name. Have a good day!

  2. Those were sad times. Most of the "civilized world" had the Germans so strapped for cash and then the depression came around and Hitler on the sly built up German industry and gave the Germans hope. Sad, sad times when a madman is accepted as the savior of a nation. I haven't heard of the movie you mentioned. I'll have to go see if there is a trailer for it somewhere.


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