21 December 2009

Update to Round Afghan Pattern List

I have been maintaining a list of round afghan patterns available for free on the Internet.  I love the shape--for a big person cuddling up on the couch with an afghan, it covers the behind rather well--lol!  Here is the list of round afghan patterns. I add to it as I find new ones. I have to admit, the only round afghan pattern I've used (over and over) is not on the list; it is graciously provided by a member of crochetville.org by the name of Aggie May. I do have tentative plans to make a few of the ghans on my list but there is so little time! I admit, that I am in my comfort zone when I find a pattern I like and it is hard to get in the mode of trying new things :).  I almost forgot, here is the new link I've included on my list.


  1. Oh goodie I can't wait to check out that list, thats almost like a gift lol I am always covered up sitting around the house, I have a mini afghan I made to cover with but nothing special it is just double crochet stitches back and forth back and forth lol I have a great book that shows stitches but sometimes I just cant get it right when I try the fancy stuff, I started an afghan for my daughter but I havent worked on it in a while I need to get back to that also it is gonna be lil squares about 6inches each and I spelled her name out on some with puff stitches or popcorn stitch cant remember what it is called now anyways Im rambling, thanks so much for sharing the site with the links :o)

  2. Sounds like your ghan is a lot of work! I've made a few granny square afghans and the squares are great to make but weaving in the ends and sewing them together takes forever. My New Year's resolution is to make a round afghan out of a different pattern. We'll see how that goes.


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