20 December 2009

Christmas Presents for 2 of My Doctors

I see several doctors and I thought it would be nice to give them a small present for the holidays.  Here are some slippers that I made for them.  They don't check my blog so I can post the pics here.  I love this pattern and have been using it for many years now. The pattern is very easy and pretty quick to make too.  Hope you enjoy.  Hugs...



  1. I love to crochet and I love those, I will definately will check out the pattern, thanks so much for sharing and Im sure your doctors will love those gifts, that is very thoughtful of you :o)

  2. Thanks Lynn. I love these slippers and just about everyone I've given them too has asked for more. I originally found this pattern in a book I bought in the 70s. I was really happy to find the pattern online because I just about wore the book out. Now, I don't need the book. I've modified the pattern a few times by shortening the cuff because of concerns about having enough yarn. I found that I have to put an extra row or 2 in the first part of the pattern if someone has a larger foot like size 9 or 10 for women. Good luck with yours.

  3. I will try to remember that if I get around to making them, I have all these ideas in my head of stuff to make and I never get around to much, I crochet chemo caps and I try not to slack on making those since they are for a good cause, I didn't get to make many for this month though being busy time at work and just tired afterwards. :o)If I make them I will let you have a looksie

  4. Please do let me see your slippers when you finish with them. I'll post a link to your site so others can go there and see too.


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