23 March 2009

Crochet Update

I know I have to have adult ADD or something. I find it hard to concentrate on my crochet projects lately. I worked on 3 differed ufos (for non crocheters, that's unfinished objects). I bounced between my chocolate mint rr, and 2 different lapghans I'm making for charity--you can see them here. The one lapghan is a real pain because I have to sew 91 squares together. The other lapghan is made by using the magic ball technique. To make a "magic ball" you windup all sorts of leftover bits of yarn. For the afghan you crochet with another strand of yarn. In this case, I'm using black. You can see pictures of my lapghans here. I'm hoping to donate them to the VA hospital. I think I better get a few more going before I donate the pink one. I wonder if some macho guy would like it???? LOL! Hugs to all...

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