30 May 2008

Entry for September 19, 2007 #2

Entry for September 19, 2007 #2

This Day in History 1796 George Washington's farewell address as president. The purpose for this address was to primarily to eliminate himself as a 3rd term candidate for President. He never read it in public but it was printed in Claypoole's AMERICAN DAILY ADVERTISER, of Philadelphia on September 19, 1796. Go here to read it.
I haven't been online lately because my computer has been ailing! It wouldn't let me go online. I tinkered with it and put in a new ethernet card to connect to my cable internet provider but it didn't work. After at least a 1/2 hour of tinkering with a wonderful technician from Insight Cable I was able to get back online and running. It seems the problem was my Norton's Antivirus. When it blocked a virus or something it also blocked access to the Internet. I deleted Norton's and purchased a different program. Still have some small problems but I'm at least able to get online again.
I had a bad cold for quite a while (about 2 weeks) and I'm still feeling sluggish for the last couple weeks. I went to the doctor and when she checked my blood pressure (twice!) it is running very low. No wonder I'm dragging.
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