13 September 2015

My Ancestry DNA Results

About a month or so ago, I did an Ancestry DNA test. I haven't been too gung-ho in recent years with working on my family tree but I thought that it would be interesting to do the test when there was a sale on them. I was a bit surprised to see that biggest percentage of my ancestry is from England. Other big surprises were that 2% of my DNA is from the Middle East and 2% is from Africa (Senegal). Most of the rest of my DNA is from northern European countries with a scattering from other parts of Europe. I am really getting curious about my family tree now!



  1. What site did you go through to get your DNA test done? I've always thought that would be interesting to know! How neat.

    1. I went through Ancestry.com I'm still somewhat amazed at what a "mutt" I am.


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