16 September 2015

Crocheters Are Thieves!

It is shocking, but crocheters steal "Crochet World" magazine from a library and it is such a problem, that copies of this magazine are kept behind the counter with the librarian and not with other magazines. Crocheters with sticky fingers, who woulda thunk it? See the video below:

I know that all of you are honest crocheters and wouldn't dream of swiping "Crochet World" from the library.

Happy hooking everyone!


Crochet World: magazine and patterns


  1. That's ridiculous - the women that are stealing those magazines should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Wow, the audacity!! Just sick that they would steal from the library, or anywhere for that matter but the library of all places. So wrong. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

    1. And other people can't use the magazines then and they're expensive to buy.


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