26 June 2015

In a Crocheter's Ideal World...

In a crocheter's ideal world, they will never be told by the recipient of a crocheted gift that said gift was tossed in the trash. When a crocheter makes a gift, even a small object such as a hat, much time is spent making said object. Love is worked into the stitches and a bit of the crocheter's affection rubs off on the person every time they use the item. If the item is not wanted or doesn't fit or some other reason, please donate it or give it away but please don't trash like-new things such as hats and slippers. It doesn't take much to put it in the donation box at Goodwill and someone else can be touched by loving stitches.


  1. Did that happen to you? I'm very sorry if it did. Some people just don't understand.

    1. Yes, and it kind of hurt my feelings because it was something that was asked for when I showed a friend the things in my gift drawer.

  2. Well that is just awful - never give her anything again.

  3. Oh, what a shame! I'm so sorry that happened to you, Sharon. Like Debi said, some people just don't understand the love and time that goes into a handcrafted gift.

  4. Some people just can't appreciate the value and love behind a handmade item.

    This kind of makes me mad and I'd like to say more on the subject, but I will say this....they did not deserve to have your gift and you did not deserve for them to trash it, that was really messed up.

    Sorry that happened to you.


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