15 June 2015

Clothes Pin Bag

I needed a clothes pin bag to hang on my clothes line and I decided to make one instead of spending good money on an inferior quality one from China. I found the items to make it available at Dollar Tree.

Used a pack and a half of this plastic-like twine

I bought 2 packs of these and used 2 of the middle-sized ones.

And here it is on the line full of pins--

Basically, I made it by starting out with a hat-like item, then I made it a little narrower for several rows before the opening. Hooked the carabiners between stitches and voila--a clothes pin bag! I did take notes on what I did so if anyone is interested, I can write it up.

Hope your week has started off on a good note. 



  1. That is amazing, Sharon! What a clever idea. Now I want to go to Dollar Tree. Oh, yes, please, if it's not too much trouble to write up the pattern. I'm no good at improvising.

  2. Who woulda thunk Dollar Tree? That twine would be great for making market bags or anything I want to put outside. Sharon, you're my hero!

  3. Can you post the pattern? 😀

  4. I will write it up today and post it tomorrow some time.


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