07 December 2014

Two Finished Projects

I just finished making the seafarer's cap.  Here's a look at how it turned out--

I was a little concerned about how to join the ends together and I did some googling and found a great video on Youtube that shows how one lady did it, It was really simple and I was making a big deal out of nuthin. :)

Earlier this year I made a hat for myself and I just finally made a scarf to match. Here it is--

It is a bit hard to see the colors here but it is a variegated brown color. I'm a bit limited with my photos lately since I forgot my camera in Kentucky and I didn't bring my styrofoam heads to put hats on.

Crochet Hooks


  1. Hi Sharon, that is a neat looking hat and your scarf looks like a pretty design. I wanted to let you know, I've been having problems getting onto your blog. I click your link and it goes to a blank background. It took several tries to get to your post. Hope you and your husband are enjoying sunny FL. I like what you did with the cedar chest. Heather

    1. I did some switching around on the blog since you post and I switched the background to a "stock" one and put a limited number of Christmas carols that play only on demand and not automatically. On my computer and a friend's (we were phone chatting as I worked) we now get a little "blink" or "burp" and then the page loads. Hope this solves your problem too, if not, I'll just delete the Christmas music.


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