18 April 2014

Switched to Crocheting Dishcloths for a While

I wanted something brainless to crochet so I broke out my patterns and found what I was looking for in Dishcloths (12 crochet designs) published by Leisure Arts. I saw this pattern for a dishcloth that is crocheted corner-to-corner and I thought I'd give it a whirl. After making 5 of them, suffice it to say that I enjoy this pattern very much. A couple of the dishcloths I made out of scraps of yarn. These will be for everyday use here at home. The "nicer ones" are going in the gift drawer to be gifted to someone at a later day. And here's some pictures--


  1. They all look very nice Sharon. :)

    You were one of the winners of my giveaway. Please email me at dlyrs@juno.com with your mailing address.

  2. Nice :-) I've made a few like this and love the texture.


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