13 February 2014

Thursday's Tricks (13 February 2014)

Since I'm getting ready to go on a trip I'm going to share a few travel trips that I learned to follow the hard way.
  • If you pack medications in a pill keeper, put a piece of tape on the lid to keep it shut. Fold under one end of the tape so that it is easy to grab and pull off. After my meds bounced around in my carry-on, the pill keeper popped open and I had medicinal crumbs all over the inside of my bag.

  • Before you pack the clothes you are taking with you, inspect them to ensure they fit, are in good repair and aren't stained. A friend recently packed some brand new clothes without trying on before packing and unfortunately they didn't fit.

  • After missing a connecting flight because of weather, I learned to always put in my carry-on bag basic hygiene necessities such as deodorant, tooth brush, paste and also a clean set of undies. :-)

Hope you're having a good week and are staying warm.


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