07 February 2014

Testing, Testing Thursday's Tricks...

After yesterday's post, I decided to test the scrambled egg in a shell. I shook a few eggs up, I thought maybe I'd have some golden yellow eggs and some marble-like eggs if I didn't shake them too much. Well, it must take a heck of a lot of Richard Simmons-type shaking to end up with golden yellow hard-boiled eggs because I ended up with plain ol' hard-boiled eggs. I did some googling and found this page and the following video.

I put my egg in a pair of panty-hose (am I the only one who still wears these?) and spun it around and around about a dozen times.

I cooked my egg and couldn't even wait until it was cooled before I started peeling it. Alas, another failure...

I think you need to use Home Depot's paint mixer to shake these babies up. What a disappointment. Has anyone had good luck doing this?


  1. I'm sorry you didn't have any luck :-( It looked really cool. I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes. I still wear pantyhose (maternity size right now), but I'll try it with the T shirt. Don't know if it'll work any better.

  2. Looking forward to seeing if you have better luck than me. :)


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