08 February 2014

Another Pair of Slippers

This pair of slippers is the regular size for men. The yarn I used was one strand of red from Caron pounders and the other strand was a navy and white color from Red Hearts Team Spirit line. I like the patriotic look of these. Here they are:

These slippers are great during the cold winter months. My feet are very cold, has something to do with thyroid problems, and I make the women's slippers from this pattern and often wear them over socks to bed at night to keep the ol' tootsies warm.

Hope y'all are staying warm and cozy.


1 comment:

  1. These are nice, too :-) I like the colors. I've been wearing mine (the same ones I won from you 2 years ago!) over socks, too, to keep my feet warm.


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