15 November 2013

Black Friday Ad for Yarnoholics

Just thought I'd share this with you. At 6pm on Thanksgiving, you will be able to purchase RedHeart Jumbo Supersaver Yarn for only $3.88 at WalMart. Here's a look at the page from their ad. Time to stockup!

So much for my stash-busting lol.


  1. Thanks for the info Sharon, I did not know about this. I wish I had some extra cash. I have been in a funk lately with crochet, meaning I haven't been crocheting in a while. :-( lol

  2. This year I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I have other years. I have made a few hats recently that I really like.The end of the year is rapidly coming and I have a baby blanket to finish and then I intend to make something special for a good friend.


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