13 May 2013

Have You Seen One of These?

My Nellie Belle loves this stuffed animal. She takes it to bed with us every night and it is the only toy she brings in from outside. She has just about loved it to death. I've mended it several times and the fabric is starting to rot. I've been looking for a replacement in stores and online but no luck. I've tried substituting similar stuffed animals but once again, no luck. The manufacturer's tag is no longer legible so that's a dead-end. I got it several years ago at Big Lots.  Have you seen one of these anywhere? Please let me know if you have so I can get her a new one.


  1. That may be from a toy line called The Dog, which had big heads and small bodies. I suggest eBay!

  2. Thanks Parsley. I've checked ebay several times but now that I know the name of the toy line maybe I'll have better luck.


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