20 January 2013

Latest, Great WIP

Here's a look at what I'm working on. I can't tell you what it is or who it is for because it's a surprise!


I love these colors; they're a bit reminiscent of the 70s. This yarn came out of my stash so I was a good girl and didn't go and buy more. I've stepped up my crocheting lately. Thought the rush was over after Christmas but I wanted to make things to take to my friends on a trip I'm taking next month.

The weather this winter is crazy, very mild for us so far but this week the temperatures are supposed to dip into the single digits at night. All I can say about that is I'll be keeping the coffee pot full and hot chocolate handy too.

Take care, and stay warm.


  1. Love the colors it will be neat to see what you finish with them.

  2. Love the coloring and pattern ... can't wait to see what it is!


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