06 January 2013

Butterfly Hat and Scarf

Here is a butterfly hat and scarf set for a little girl. I'm going visiting next month and wanted to bring something to my friend's grandchildren. I have scarves in my gift drawer for the big girls and this is for the little girl. Still have to figure out something for the 2 boys. Maybe they like to wash dishes and need new dishcloths? Nah, they might not be too fond of me if I did that! Here are the pics:





I like the looks of this set because it's somewhat different than the most other hats/scarves that I was able to find.

Thanks for visiting and hugs to all.


  1. That's a very pretty set - I'm sure the girls will love them. The boys might like a game pouch of some sort. :)

  2. Ooh, very pretty. I love the butterflies. Hmm, for the boys... Slippers? Lion Brand yarn has a cute pattern for a little tic tac toe game. You'll think of something :-)

  3. My nephews are big on the amis. However, if you make hats for the girls and toys for the boys there could be problems. :)

  4. The boys are in middle school so they're a bit old for the amis. I think that slouchy hats might work for them (fingers crossed).


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