26 December 2012

Roundup of 2012 Crochet Projects

Since I probably won't complete any more projects before the end of the year, I made my yearly slideshow up. I do believe I got a bit carried away with the slippers this year--I still have a stack of them in the gift drawer. Anyway, here's my yearly roundup of projects.


  1. That's an impressive number of project you have there. I'll wait until Monday to show off all of mine.

  2. You did make a lot of slippers this year! Congratulations on all your finished projects :-)

  3. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing yours Richard. HSJM I used mostly orphan skeins of yarn and leftovers to do all the slippers. I can work up a pair at night watching tv with hubby.

  4. You've made many lovely items!

    curlysue from Crochetville


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