20 July 2012

Susie Homemaker Day--

I'm making more tomato sauce today. MIL got a hold of a box of tomatoes she brought over and I had a pile from the garden so it was time to break out the food processor and the canning jars and get to work.

This year we either planted our tomatoes too close together or overdosed them on Miracle Grow (cheap equivalent not the name brand). The plants are a regular jungle.

Drat! Tomato cages are falling over!

I received a special gift in the mail from my friend Jackie. She made me 2 bracelets and sent a book of inspirational quotes. The bracelets are based on the popular Pandora bracelets. Thank you Jackie!

In closing, I'm going to include the quote for today from this book.

Something deep in all of us yearns for God's beauty and we can find it no matter where we are.  Sue Monk Kidd

Charms to Make Your Own Pandora-like Bracelets

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