30 June 2012

Things Are Heating Up!

Are any of you experiencing a heat wave like we are? Not only is it hot, but it's sticky too! Here's a look at the temperature at our house yesterday. Remember, this is on our shaded patio with the ceiling fans running there. Oh, it's supposed to get up to 105 today!

How do you beat the heat? I make sure there are lots of cool drinks such as caffeine free sodas, ice tea and water to keep us hydrated. We stay inside and avoid swimming during the "heat of the day." We do take a dip in the cool times of the day to avoid sunburn--don't forget sunscreen too.

Keep cool my friends and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. ahhh The HEAT. I hail from Alabama and am feeling it.. I am best friends with my ice tray. I find that a cold wet wash cloth on the back of my neck helps. Hey: how about a crochet "neck-cooler"?? mmm... :)

    1. Sounds good Mary, I'm off to google some patterns...


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