10 April 2012

What I'm Up To

About 5' 9" lol! Nah, I've been working on a baby sweater to send to my friend Laurie.  It's for the grandchild of a dear friend of hers. She sent the yarn to make an over-sized baby blanket and there was enough yarn left to make a cute white sweater. I was feeling kind of bad that there was so much yarn left-over ('cause yarn ain't cheap) so I started the sweater. I'm finished with the sweater's body, cuffs and collar, just have a bit of an edging to do down the front and bottom plus sew on some buttons. If CADD doesn't kick in, I should have this finished very, very soon.

I've also been from one end of the Internet to the other looking for a somewhat life-sized new born baby doll to model some baby things. I found one, gently used at a reasonable price but nekkid as a jay bird! I'll be hitting up the thrift store shortly to see what they have clothing-wise for her. Anyway, here's my new baby, she's on her way and should arrive home in a few days.

Take care y'all!

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  1. Sounds like you are busy with your crochet work. I'm sure your friend will appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing your projects. Your new "model" is very cute. :-)


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