17 April 2012

Running Short...

Running short on the yarn for this baby sweater. I may or may not have enough left for the collar.  I bought this yarn eons ago and was going to use it to make a coat for my Opi so I only have the 1 skein. I'd hate having to try to buy another skein just for a yard or so. Hmmmm, I might have to come up with a nice contrasting color for the collar, or I can check out some of the novelty yarns in my stash and see if they'll work. Then again, maybe, just maybe there's enough yarn in that tiny little ball to do the collar.  I don't know so stay tuned...

Oh, if you're wondering who Opi is, he's my little chihuahua boy--


  1. The sweater looks great. I think a contrasting color collar (say that three times fast!) would look nice.
    I like Opi's shirt :-)

  2. I love the blue sweater your working on and was wondering if you could tell me where you got the pattern.



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