24 April 2012

Pink Chenille Scarf

I made this scarf from a stitch pattern I found in The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet. This book is great to learn new stitches/designs from. Because one end was scalloped and the other straight, I made 2 sections of the same size and whipped stitched them together so both ends had the scalloped look to them. I used a chenille-type yarn from my stash Hobby Lobby and it is so soft. I think I made this a bit big but that's okay; I can wrap it around my neck a few times for extra warmth. Here's the pics:

I'm also working on a ufo shawl that I started a few months ago and put aside because it has lots of ends to weave in and that sometimes frustrates me. I really want to finish it because it's starting to look nice. That's a picture for another day.
It's really been chilly here the last week or two. Hope y'all are staying warm! Take care...

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  1. It's pretty Sharon - looks soft and cushy. :)


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