14 April 2012

The Baby Twins Have Clothes

My baby twin models are now both dressed. They still don't have any names. I was thinking of Simon and Simone, Nicholas and Anastasia, Buster and Rosie (Daisy) or I don't know. I'm open to suggestions for naming them. Anyway, back to the clothes thing, Goodwill didn't have much selection so I'll try to find something a little dressier later on at another thrift store but right now, they both have play clothes and sleepers. Here they are all set for play time:

I'm going through a second childhood playing with my dolls! Hubby just rolls his eyes at me when he sees me with them.


  1. They're very cute - I like the names Buster and Rosie. :)

  2. I agree and Buster and Rosie they shall be :)


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