22 February 2012

The Funny, Goofy Project is Done--Finally

Here's the reveal for the funny project I was working on but ran into a problem with. It's a pizza scarf! I got the pattern from Twinkie Chan's book Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies 20 Yummy Treats to Wear.

It was very easy with the exception of the crust and it confused the heck out of me. Twinkie does have a video tutorial  that helped and here it is:

I ended up not using all the pepperoni that I crocheted because I thought there were more than enough and I was a bit tired of sewing them on :).  Without further ado, here's a few pics of it:

And a close-up of the crust that kicked my butt:

My colors looked similar to what was used in the book but I think they're actually darker so maybe I should call it the "Over Baked Pizza Scarf." I do like it but not sure where a woman of a certain age such as me would wear it. I'm going to put it in my gift drawer for now.

OK, that's it for now folks!

p.s. Here's an ad if anyone is interested in this book. I was excited to note that it is now available for kindles too!


  1. That is really cute. I've seen her book at the library. But being the blanket/afghan nut that I am never picked it up. Looks like it was a fun project. Hope you are having a great day. :-)

  2. That's very cute - I bet you'll get alot of compliments when you wear it. :)

  3. I thinks it's cute too! Where did you get the mannequine? I need one for my shop!


  4. Nice creation. Twinkie's book is so fun. I've made a cupcake and a grapefruit scarf. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I just felt like it was time to make something "fun" for a change. Once I figured out the crust portion it was easy to do.


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