19 July 2011

#1 Son's Visiting and More...

Matthew is visiting today. He comes over to use my washing machine once a week and we get a chance to visit too; I miss having my "kids" around. Anyway, I decided to take some of my green beans from the garden and freeze individual packs for him. I don't think he eats many vegetables and I thought I'd hook him up do the "mommy thing" and send him home with some green beans.

Matt and Nellie Belle goofing off

Here's the product:

I made 7 of these packs with sandwich bags--about 1 cup each bag

Then I put them all in a larger, freezer bag

Hope y'all are having a great week.


  1. You're a good Mom. Your kids are lucky to have you. Nellie Bell is so cute!

  2. Thanks Piper. I'm lucky to have them too.

  3. Yes - you are a good Mom. Still feeding your son and doing his laundry. I think Mom's are happiest when we're doing stuff like that. :)

  4. So right Debi!I don't do his laundry, I just provide the machines. I do get into the "mothering" mode and bring out the food when the "kids" come over. Miss having them around but guess that's life. (sigh) :)

  5. That is such a precious picture of your son and little Nellie snuggled up to him! Thats great that he comes over weekly and yall get to chit chat together. I bet those green beans are just so yummy :o)


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