16 March 2011

Hint, Hint...

I've been told that it is hard to buy presents for me. Let me tell you, that just isn't so! I'm a crocheter and as anyone who has a fiber addiction knows, yarn is always a welcome gift. Perhaps a few skeins/hanks/balls of a special yarn would be appreciated. Hey, even better, I have 3 yarns that are a staple in my stash and are always welcome. They're all Caron yarns in the 1 pound size. I try to keep white, off-white and black on hand. The dark blue is almost a staple too. Michaels has them as does Meijers or check out Amazon too. So you see, I'm not a difficult person to buy for. Perhaps you might like to pick out a more colorful yarn in the one pound size--GREAT! There is also a chance that whoever buys me yarn will get something made from it so you see, it's a win-win situation. Y'all have a great day.... :)


  1. Oh yeah I feel the same way, any gift in the form of yarn is definitely loved here :o)

  2. I'm with you on this one too!


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