05 February 2011

Quick and Easy Cheesecake

I'm not a Susie Homemaker nor a Betty Crocker but I do get ambitious once in a while to make some "treats." I see all sorts of delicious goodies on some blogs I read and I'm jealous. Not that I'd want to take the talent/goodies away I'd just like a little bit of my own. So, sometimes I find shortcuts and easy things to make. I've been in the mood for some cheesecake lately so when DH and I stopped at Meiers yesterday on our way back from Louisville we bought some cream cheese (on sale 4 packs for  $5). Today when my sweet, adopted great-granddaughter came over we made an easy cheesecake. Here's how we did it:

Easy Cheesecake
1 store-bought graham cracker crumb crust (or one of the cookie flavor ones will work)
2 8oz. packs cream cheese--let it get to be room temp (I let mine sit on counter for an hour)
2 eggs
3/4 cup sugar (I used an off brand of Splenda)
2 teasp vanilla
1/2 teasp grated lemon peel (I use the stuff in the jar from the spice section)

Preheat oven to 350

Beat cheese

Add eggs, sugar, vanilla and lemon peel--beat it until it is fluffy-looking

Bake about 25 minutes until it looks firm

Refrigerate 8 hours

Eat with your choice of topping or plain. We like it plain.

Very easy and quite tasty. Enjoy y'all....

Search Amazon.com for cheesecake recipe book


  1. MMM that sounds so yummy, Im gonna have to post a recipe on my blog sometime but I need to wait til I cook it again so I can take a picture of it LOL its a chicken dish and I aint saying nothing more hehehehe

  2. I'll be looking for it Lynn. I love chicken--one of my favorite things to fix and eat. I need some good recipes because dh is picky about what chicken he eats. Men...! ;)

  3. This recipe looks delicious.


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