19 October 2011

"Autumn Review" Afghan is Finished

Today I finished an afghan and I didn't even have to hide the unwoven ends in before taking a picture because it was a completely finished project!   I'm calling it Autumn Review. Here's a look at it:

The dark green stripes look brown in the picture but they are honest and truly green. The other colors are pretty close. I used the pattern/tutorial from Attic24. I crocheted a sequence of 3 rows of 3 colors until it was about the length I wanted and I ended with the same color I started with (green).

Tomorrow I'm having a root canal on my abscessed tooth. I hope to be feeling back to par by the weekend. Take care everyone and thanks for looking.

ps--I've already started the next afghan. I ended up having to squeeze in another one before Christmas.


  1. Beautiful,very nice colours!
    Greeting Crissi

  2. This is gorgeous in these colors, Sharon! Love it!

  3. I just LOVE the Autumn Review Afghan!

  4. Thanks everyone. I was kind of leery about the colors being too 1970ish but I think they're pretty too.


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