11 August 2011

Update on Yesterday's Tomato Sauce...

The tomato sauce I started yesterday I ended up having to finish cooking it down today because it was such a large batch. I mixed the 2 types of tomatoes and the sauce is red now and not the golden yellow color I was afraid it was going to be. I ended up with 6 qts, 4 pts and 1 half pint. I will probably only end up canning a few more jars this summer because the tomatoes aren't yielding very much now. Next year I will probably plant a few more plants and increase my production. I was very fortunate that a friend of my mil was getting rid of some canning jars and gave them to me. I used my entire jar supply that I had on hand. Need to get a few smaller jars next year because I like an assortment of sizes for the tomato sauce.

Hope y'all are having a great day!  Hugs...


  1. You are gonna have you some yummy tomatoes all winter long for sure! So nice of someone giving you jars they didnt need :o)

  2. Yep, you're right Lynn. I'm very thankful for the jars. I offered to pay them something but they said no. I'm looking forward to some homemade spaghetti using my tomato sauce.


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