08 July 2011

Still Receiving Calls from "Card Services"

If you google "card services" you will see that they are scammers and steal identities. I've been battling with them for way over a year to stop calling me. I file complaints with the "Do Not Call Registry" and still get phone calls. Most times I wait out the recorded portion of the message and tell them to cease and desist with the phone calls and take my name off their list. No luck so far. They change their telephone numbers like some folks change their underwear. Yesterday afternoon about 4:12, dh answered and hung up on one of their calls and this time it was from a cell number. Because I didn't get the number, I didn't make a complaint this time but it doesn't matter because they keep calling anyway. I think the "Do Not Call Registry" isn't what it is cracked up to be. A local travel agency has started making phone calls too even though we are on the "Do Not Call Registry." So we pay people with tax dollars to run that agency and I can't help but wonder what they're doing to earn their paychecks. So, I'm finished with my rant for the day. Take care everyone....


  1. We get unwanted calls too - we have caller ID, so I don't answer. I imagine one day they'll get the hint.

  2. Just browsing through your blog a little after seeing your link at WIP wednesday... I have only had a recurrent problem with these companies once! My line of choice is now "DO NOT call me again or I will pursue you for telephone harassment." Like I said, I have only had ONE company/person/scammer call me after this- it works a charm:)


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