01 July 2011

The Other Day at Walmart...

When I was at Walmart the other day, the cashier told me she was at a meeting for shareholders and they were told that Walmart is bringing back 8,000 new products including fabrics. I hope that means the yarn selection will improve at our local store. This month they are supposed to start remodeling/setting-up for it. We'll see....


  1. Wow cool I wonder if our Walmart is going to do that, we have two Walmarts here in one town and the older one still has its craft section the newer does not. I would love to see newer fabrics though and our yarn section could probably use some more also, they just did some clearance on their cotton yarn but I didnt buy any I have so much now that I need to use up first. I hope your Walmart sticks to its word and you get all kinds of goodies showing up!

  2. I sure hope that's true! Glad you liked my post yesterday; my Mom sent that to me and I laughed and laughed, knew everyone would enjoy it!

  3. Our local Walmart was remolded last summer. We gained a new food area but all the other departments were scaled down. Go figure?

    Have a great 4th of July


  4. Ours was remodeled too. This is an additional thing to make room for some of the products that are being brought back. The other thing she mentioned was guns and ammunition. Our store never discontinued those items. We mainly had a quick conversation about the crafts section because I bought a skein of yarn and that brought the topic up.


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