03 July 2011

Garden Update--

This coming week we should be eating green beans from our garden. Harvesting produce from my garden and putting it on the table to eat is great. So is canning or freezing fruits and veggies to eat over the winter. The following sites are the references I use for preserving my foods.

http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/canning-tomato-juice-and-tomato-sauce I like this sauce recipe because you blend the skins in. I do strain the seeds out though. I pressure can mine according to instructions that came with my pressure canner.

http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/publications/publications_usda.html This is the USDA's website and they give very accurate and informative how-to information.

Here's a couple looks at my little garden:

The tomatoes--dh made the cages out of a roll of fencing material.

My potatoes growing in tires. We need to add more dirt and another tire soon. The potatoes will fill the levels of tires so you get more potatoes; easier to harvest than digging too. You can stack up to 4 high. We got some old tires from a tire shop. They have to pay to dispose of them so they were happy to give some to us.

ps--dh is embarrassed because the grass is so tall. Normally he cuts it twice a week but last week he only did it once. Have a great weekend and 4th of July!


  1. Great Idea with the tires, I used garbage cans last year, they became unstable very quickly and cost too much money !!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous!! That is so interesting about the tires and potatoes I remember reading about that somewhere, looks like your gonna have quite a few of them also, yum yum!!

  3. We need to get a few more tires to take it up a notch. Hope hubby will make the run for me this week. Another thing that is good about doing potatoes this way is that you don't have to dig them up, just knock the tires down.

  4. Ya know I got one of those upside down tomato plant jolders, all was well and I have 2 tomatoes on it now but the branches keep shribbling up and dying???? I am watering it everyday???Any tips?

  5. DaCraftyLady sorry to hear that you're not having much luck with your tomatoes. I tried one of those upside-down planters when they first came out and didn't have much luck with it. Tomatoes need a lot of water, and good drainage. They also need lots of sunlight and some fertilizer too. We use Miracle Grow in the garden on all our plants and it seems to do a good job. There are some off-brands that are less expensive.


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