16 June 2011

Finished Scarf Starts with a Square

I finished this about a month ago and never put pictures on  my blog. The only thing I don't like about this scarf is that this time the edges rolled. I ironed it lightly but that made the ridges flatten a bit so I'll do a quick wash and lay it flat to dry. OK, enough chattering and here are the pictures:

Just noticed there's an orb or some sort of spot in the center of the square. You get the idea anyway. This pattern starts with the square that you ripple around 2 of the corners. The colors in this picture are the true colors of the Caron Simply Soft yarn I used.

That's the finished project :)

Have a good day....


  1. That is a very pretty scarf I love the colors. Speaking of orbs if my daughter takes pictures and orbs show up she swears they are ghosts LOL I sure hope you are doing well :o)

  2. I have a cousin who is into ghost hunting and he says that the orbs can be ghosts too. As a matter of fact, he formed Will County Ghost Hunters in Illinois.


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