21 June 2011

Completed: Cloche for Little Girl

Gosh I love how this turned out! I just hope it fits the little girl I have in mind to give it to. I used this pattern: http://crochet.about.com/od/hats/a/crocheted-cloche-hat-free-pattern.htm and I used a different flower: http://tallennl.livejournal.com/13248.html. I used the pattern for the large flower.

I know I  mentioned in a previous post that my gauge was way off so I had to down-size my hook from a G to a D. I modified the ruffle by using triple crochets and slip stitches instead of double crochets and single crochets. I'm not fond of patterns that say to crochet until project reaches a certain size but overall, I am happy with the results. 

Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. Your hat is darling and I'm sure whomever you gift it to will love it!

  2. That hat is adoreable.

  3. Vraiment trop mignon !

  4. OMG that is just too adorable you did a fantastic job I am in love with that, I love the flower you added!

  5. Thanks everyone! It got put in the mail this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed that it fits!


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