13 March 2011

I'm a Bit Irate Today...

Do any of you have a wireless router at home?  I have a linksys router. I was irritated a couple years ago when I got it because after purchasing it, I could not get it to recognize any wireless devices. So, I called the company and for an additional $10 they were able to help me. Now, when my son comes over, he is unable to connect to Internet here. Good mom that I am, :) I let him use our laptop so no biggie. Last night, I replaced our deceased printer with a wireless one. Now, I cannot get it to work wirelessly. When I call linksys, they want $32.99 to reset the router and that does included 1 year support. They really like to milk their customers. I decided to just use the printer with wires and shop around for a different brand router from a company with better customer service. Do any of you have suggestions? My computer runs Vista if that makes a difference.


  1. Goodness I wouldnt be much help at all I know ours is wireless and we go through AT&T. That sure does sound like milking the customers charging you like that for a reset my gosh. Hopefully something will work out for you and you can dump them folks.

    PS: Welcome back home, Im fixin to try and catch up on all your posts that I have missed recently :o)

  2. We have a wireless printer too, but not sure how it all works (sorry). I hope someone can help you out. Hope you are having a good evening.

  3. Well, I really cannot help either but I do know that someone is definitely
    trying to take you quoting that amount! You should try to call an online support number not related to the company you are presently with. See what happens. It's worth a try.


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