21 March 2011

Do You Have a Pet Peeve?

I have a pet peeve and I was just reading something on another blog related to this. I am deaf in my left ear and hard of hearing in my right. Often when I have a conversation with someone I don't know very well or just met, I will have to ask them to repeat what they said or I will restate what I think they said. It is important to me what people said to me not only for my sake but also because I value what they have to say. The peeve part comes in when I've asked people to repeat what they've said and explain that I'm hard of hearing and I've been told many, many times "that's ok" or "never mind." I DO mind. I don't like to be outside of the loop and I'm not stupid (I had an IQ test once so I know there is a bit of active gray matter up stairs). My suggestions are that during conversations, look at the person you are speaking to. I think most of us were taught that this was good manners when we were youngsters. Speak plainly--don't mumble or speak softly. If there is a lot of background noise, go to a quieter area for conversation. Don't roll your eyes or get an exasperated look on your face when asked to repeat what you said--that is so very demeaning to the hard of hearing person.  Most of this is just good manners and not only a consideration for a hard of hearing person. Don't feel sorry for a hard of hearing person because there are some advantages--I'm able to sleep through my husband's freight-train-like snoring! Take care y'all and have a nice week. :)


  1. I didnt know about your ear, I can see how that would be when people get upset because you need to ask them to repeat themselves. I sure hope you are having a good day :o)

  2. It's been a pretty nice day here. Being hard of hearing is a crazy thing--hearing aids aren't what I expected them to be. I think I spent too much time without one and now when I try to wear them, the noise drives me crazy so I only wear them rarely. Most people are nice about repeating but many younger people don't have the patience to repeat themselves especially if I ask them to more than once.


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