10 January 2011

Whazzz Happenin'

Not much going on here. DH and I spent a lazy weekend. I did finish the baby cocoon I was crocheting. I'll hold off on posting a photo of it until I get the matching hat done.

I'm making the blue one.

Winter storm is supposed to move in tonight. I have plenty of canned food on hand and a few MREs and the camping stove with several bottles of propane on hand just in case we lose power. Also have a few of the gallon-size bottles of water. If we get the word that the water will be cut off I'll fill the bathtubs up for miscellaneous needs. I just expect everything to be ok though.

The oven on my stove stopped working and I haven't had it for 2 years yet! I've always bragged about how quickly the oven pre-heated and I mentioned to dh that it seem to be taking a long time and he said "check it." The darned thing was stone-cold! I had mixed up a batch of cookie dough this weekend and tried to bake some snickerdoodles and I ended up resorting to my toaster oven to make them. The bottoms got a bit too brown but we ate them anyway. :)

Son #1 is going to Colorado this week. Hope he doesn't get snowed in there. I really don't want him to go there especially this time of the year but he's a big boy and I guess he can handle himself.

Need to get to the store to do my "coupon" shopping at Walgreens. Y'all take care...

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  1. I heard about the snow coming in, so did a little necessity grocery shopping last night (just in case); eggs, milk, creamer, etc. Hope you won't lose power. The baby snuggly is very cute. Looking forward to seeing yours. Take care and stay warm!


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