28 January 2011

Two More Calls from the Scamming "Credit Card Services"

I made someone mad the other day. Credit Card Services has called TWICE today! I have filled out THREE reports, this week, with the Do Not Call registry on them because each time the call comes from a different telephone number. Here's my last entry on them. I also added the new telephone numbers they used (see comments). This time I called my telephone company too and info'd them that their phone security has been breeched--someone is STEALING phone numbers from them.

"Credit Card Services" = Identity Thieves

  • Do NOT trust these people. 

  • They are NOT a reputable company. 



  1. It just has to stop, it is crazy!

  2. I should have added that I heard that one thing you can do too is to ask for the name of the person who is calling and to speak with their supervisor, get their name and keep at them till they hang up on you! If it is recorded, keep reporting them. You can also Google the number and see the many complaints and see what others are doing.

  3. Today it was recordings. The other times it was recordings initially then press some number to talk with a person. When I talked with a person in the past as soon as the caller didn't like what I was saying he hung up. I did google the telephone numbers. With the exception of the last number that I was called from, there are numerous complaints about calls from these numbers. The last call today came from a legit-looking local number. I called it back and it was "no longer in service." The number had previously belonged to a mortgage company in town. The complaints on them go back several years so it must be a profitable business.


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